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The top 3 reasons why consulting is the best job I’ve had

(Photo courtesy of M.D. & T.J. RYAN CONTRACTING PTY LTD) The top 3 reasons why consulting is the best job I’ve had After 4 and a half years of owning my own consulting business, Supply Chain Safety Excellence (SCSE), I can still say this is the most rewarding and satisfying job I have ever had. […]

Exemplar Global Certified

At SCSE we have been using the current downturn in business as a result of COVID-19 to invest in continuing professional development. Our Director and Principal Consultant, Sean Minto, recently took the time to update and upgrade his Occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS) auditor qualifications with Exemplar Global to the new: ISO 45001:2018 […]

Beware the Hazard when Transporting Packaged Goods

Photo From Malta, 16 January 20171 Is your product packaging up to the transport task? One of the common hazards to emerge when conducting CoR risk assessments of transport activities for manufacturers of goods is that of packaging integrity. There is a risk if the product packaging is not adequate the load could shift in […]

3 Things to Check a CoR Party is Reputable, Safe and Compliant

Earlier this year the NHVR published an article in their fortnightly industry update titled ‘Extra CoR pressure not required under law’ (read here). The crux of this article was that off-road party’s such as Consignors and Prime Contractors do not need to delve too deeply into the business practices of transport operators because… “The law […]